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Atlantis is one of the many Lost Cities. Similar to human legends,[1] Atlantis is located under the Mediterranean Sea in a dome of force fields made by Psionipaths. The Ancients engineered the sinking of this city after the elves broke the connection with humans.

Unlocked Description[]

This gleaming silver metropolis is hidden under the ocean beneath a dome of air - much like those human myths about Atlantis claim. The reason those legends are somewhat accurate is becuase Atlantis was designed to be a place where elves and humans united their cultures - and for a brief time, that's exactly what it was. But then the humans planned an uprising and forced the elves to disappear (though recent evidence suggests there may be more to that story). Since light doesn't reach Atlantis, visitors must begin their journey at a small rocky outcropping in the middle of the ocean and create a whirlpool that allows then to slide down the enormous swirling maelstrom into the city (landing on a giant sponge, which dries them off completely). Leaving is equally complicated and requires being encased in a giant bubble and launched out of the city by a geyser. Notable features of Atlantis include the glowing balefire spires (which provide soft blue-toned light), the starlight effect on the dome (which gives an appearance of night), the Unity Fountain (a remnant from the city's human history), specialty shops of all kinds, an intricate system of bridges and canals - with fancy Eurypterid-pulled carriages floating along the water - as well as numerous noble offices including the Registry, the Treasury, the Matchmaking Office, the Chief Mentalist, and many others.


Sophie describes Atlantis as looking like a "futuristic Venice" due to the intricate network of canals which divide up the city, offering means of transportation.

“Packed with elves, all in long black capes, and the silver buildings stood taller than others, with round windows tracing down the sides and glowing signs bearing their names. Treasury. Registry. Interspeciesial Services. But half the signs were unreadable.”

—Narration, in Keeper of the Lost Cities

Atlantis KOTLC.png

“The city was wrapped in a dome of air, which faded into the ocean beyond. Twisted crystal towers soared into the skyline, bathing the silver city in the soft blue glow radiating from their pointed spires. The buildings lined an intricate network of canals, interconnected by arched bridges. It reminded her of pictures she'd seen of Venice, but everything was sleek and modern and clean. Despite being at the bottom of the ocean the air was clean and fresh. The only clue that they were underwater was a muted hum in the background, like the sound she'd heard when she put a seashell to her ear.”

—Narration, in Keeper of the Lost Cities

“Changes were made when we moved Atlantis underwater. Buildings were plated with silver so they'd reflect the firelight created in the spires and help illuminate the city.”

—Alden Vacker, in Keeper of the Lost Cities

“They turned down a narrow, quiet canal lined with purple trees with thick, broad leaves like kelp. The water dead-ended at a single silver building, a square tower with no windows or ornamentation, with than a small sign with precise white letters that read: Quinlin Sonden: Chief Mentalist. All sigs of life had vanished, and the small black door was closed tight.”

—Narration, in Keeper of the Lost Cities

A dome absorbs light so they cannot see anything past it, although they lighten and darken the dome and the city to give an impression of day and night, adding a starlight effect during the night cycle. Amy and Sophie look down at the streets below, where "ant-sized elves roamed the various sidewalks and squares and courtyards."

Commute and Transportation[]

To enter Atlantis[]

Elves enter Atlantis by making a whirlpool and jumping through it. When they get past the force fields there is a large sponge that the elves land on. This sponge, which is described as feeling like being "licked by a pack of kittens, minus the kitten breath", cushions their fall and dries them off.


One of the main transportation methods in Atlantis is Eurypterids, which are sea scorpions that pull fancy carriages, similar to a taxi system.

To exit Atlantis[]

Elves reach a small blue lagoon, so far outside the city that the silver sires are nothing more than a tiny glint in the distance. Shimmery white dunes surround the small lake, and on west shore stands a strange black statue - a narrow round base, which rose at least two stories high, topped with a wide hollow circle. An iridescent film shimmers across the center of the loop, making the whole apparatus to resemble a giant bubble wand. Then they levitate up to the center of the loop and the iridescent film stretches, forming a giant bubble around the elves. Then a giant geyser shoots up from the lagoon and launches the bubble out of Atlantis.

Sophie describes the bubble as, "warm and wet like the inside of her cheek." When floating up in the bubble Sophie feels, "nothing other then pure joy".


  • Pre-Keeper

The city was originally meant to to be for humans and elves until the elves found out that the humans were plotting betrayal forcing the elves to sink the city.


Linh Song became known as "The Girl of Many Floods" after her parents, Quan and Mai, brought her and her twin brother Tam to Atlantis, which is underwater, while she was still a fledgling Hydrokinetic and accidentally flooded the city. This is what caused her to be banished to Exillium.

Sophie is taken here by Alden in the first book to get probed by Quinlin.

Amy is taken here after there is an attempt to kidnap her by the Neverseen in the human world. Atlantis's force field dome was split by Ruy Ignis in Book 6: Nightfall. A team of Psionipaths repaired it, with Linh's help in controlling the water, along with Sophie's enhancing for both Linh and Keefe, and Keefe for calming down both Linh and Sophie in order to be able to use their powers more effectively.


Known Places in Atlantis[]


“Atlantis is our most secure city. Anyone and anything that needs added protection is here. Including your file.”

Alden Vacker, in Keeper of the Lost Cities, page(s) 77, Ebook

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