Atlantis is one of the many Lost Cities. Similar to human legends,[1] Atlantis is located underwater in a dome of force fields made by Psionpaths. It was sunk after the elves broke the connection with humans. Elves get into Atlantis by making a whirlpool and jumping through it. When they get past the force fields there is a large sponge that the Elves land on. This sponge cushions their fall and dries them off. To get out of Atlantis, Elves must ride inside large bubbles to the surface air and light leap when the bubbles pop. One of the main transportation methods in Atlantis is Eurypterid, which is a sea scorpion - this is similar to a taxi system.

Linh Song became known as "The Girl of Many Floods" after her parents, Quan and Mai, brought her and her twin brother Tam to Atlantis, which is underwater, while she was still a fledgling and Linh accidentally flooded the city. This caused her to be exiled to Exillium.

Atlantis's force field dome was split by Ruy Ignis in Book 6, Nightfall. A team of Psionipaths repaired it, along with Linh.

Known Places in Atlantis Edit

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