Lady Gisela's Archetype is a black book wrapped in bands of gold and silver that is mentioned in Book 6. The content inside the book are research and studies about humans. The archetype is secured by a special lock and can only be opened by a special key. While Sophie and her friends were trying to find Sophie's human family, Lady Gisela told them that Fintan stole her book and requested it back in exchange for information.

The Key Edit

The key for the book, which was found in Candleshade, is an Imparter-sized metal square that can be divided into four separate parts. The parts are four separate pieces of metal, two silver and two gold, that make clinking noises, each with variations in their curved edges. The four pieces can be fitted together in three known different combinations but only one of the combinations work in order to open the archetype. When assembled together correctly, with all the gold bits connected, the key spells out the word 'vespera' in Elvin runes.

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