The Arch of Dividing is a spiky wood arch from which new Waywards to Exillium are suspended by a rope to undergo a dividing; this determines which hemisphere they are going to be in. They are given the options as untying or severing the cord; however, some Waywards like Sophie come up with more unconventional ways of escaping, like almost burning down the whole thing. No assistance is allowed, as the coaches told Fitz as he tried to help Sophie. Sophie almost burnt the Arch down when she first came to Exillium, but Linh washed out the flames by using her Hydrokinesis to summon a wave in the shape of a hand.

Known Ways of Escaping Edit

  • Untying the cord (Fitz)
  • Cutting the cord (Dex)
  • Coming down by leaving your pants behind and injuring your ankle (Keefe)
  • Fraying the cord against the arch (Biana)
  • Setting the cord and the arch on fire (Sophie)

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