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The Arch of Dividing is an arch made from jagged, black metal woven from iron thistles.

This is where new Waywards entering Exillium are suspended by a rope to undergo a dividing; this determines which hemisphere they're going to be in.

Methods Used[]

Most use tried-and-true methods of escaping such as untying or severing the cord; however, some Waywards like Sophie come up with more unconventional ways of escaping, like almost burning down the entire arch and rope. There are definitely different ways of succeeding; the method a Wayward uses determines which hemisphere they belong to.


Arch of Dividing is the way to find out what hemisphere an elf is in. Later, when there was a training program, they used forms to see which one would best suit someone.

Known Ways of Escaping[]


“A thick rope had tightened around her ankle, yanking [Sophie] off the ground and leaving her dangling upside down from the arch... 'Welcome to your Dividing!' a raspy female voice shouted from somewhere in the fog.”

—Narration, in Neverseen, page(s) 379-380, paperback

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