Ancients are basically the oldest elves that currently live. They usually have pointed ears as a sign of maturity/age, first stated in the first book. They rarely accept visitors in their solidarity lives, because they've been through so much more than others that it's hard to relate.

Known Ancients

Councillor Bronte: Bronte is an Inflictor and mentors Sophie. He is part of the Council.

Fallon Vacker: Fallon Vacker is Fitz, Alvar, and Biana's great - great - great - etc. grandfather. He rarely accepts visitors. He was one of the original three councillors.

Vespera: She was alive when humans still lived in Atlantis, and Fallon was a Councillor. She has a history of being a prisoner in Lumenaria, washed out of the councilor's minds, and generally causing havoc for Sophie and her friends to fix.

Fintan Pyren: Fintan Pyren is the leader of the Neverseen. He is a Pyrokinetic and used to be on the council before pyrokinesis was banned.

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