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Amy Foster is Sophie Foster's human sister, and the daughter of Emma and William Foster. After her memories were wiped by the Elvin Washers, Amy was renamed Natalie Freeman. After discovering the existence of the Lost Cities, she chose to stick with her former name while around elves.


In the beginning of the series, Amy is shown to be loud and immature. She is talented at annoying people, particularly her older sister, Sophie. Amy was described to be a pain-in-the-butt. She was extremely bratty and petty.

Amy is notably different from Sophie. While Sophie was seen as unlikeable and unusual, Amy was immensely popular among her classmates. She also showed considerably less studiousness, as she scored low grades at school. The sisters' contrasting personalities often made people wonder how the two were related.

Amy changed drastically when she was reintroduced in Nightfall. She was still stubborn and competitive, but she gained much more maturity. Amy handled herself well under duress, as seen when she managed to hide from the Neverseen when they broke in her house. She was undyingly loyal to her family, and insisted to do hours of research to help in any way she could. Amy showed love and affection towards her older sister, and proved to be capable enough to keep the secrets of the elvin world from her parents.


Amy was born to Emma and William Foster, about three years after Sophie. Her mother, despite losing many babies in the past, had no trouble giving birth to her, due to the Black Swan's interference.

As Amy grew up, she drove her sister Sophie crazy, as she tended to tease and belittle her. However, the two had an unbreakable bond, and Sophie even admitted she missed her annoying personality later on.

It was mentioned in Legacy that, ever since Amy was four, she had a stuffed bunny named Bun-Bun. Amy made up a song and dance for him. She loved him partly because he was soft, but mostly because of Sophie and her song.

When Amy was five, she got into a heated argument with Sophie. It led to Sophie losing control and inflicting on her. Shortly afterwards, Amy was carried into Mr. Forkle's house, where her memories of the incident were erased. The sedative keeping her asleep eventually wore off, not long after Livvy arrived. In Nightfall, she remembers this event due to the sparkly gems in Livvy's hair. Due to this, her mind had to be wiped an additional time.

It was mentioned in Nightfall that Livvy met at Amy at one point, before or after Sophie's incident with limbium. In Amy's memory, Livvy visited her one night, where she peppered her with questions and gave her candy that kept changing flavors.

In the Books[]

Book 1: Keeper of the Lost Cities[]

Amy is present at dinner when Sophie gets home. There, she briefly teases her older sister. Amy participates in her family's fettucini night, which was a family tradition.

When Sophie returns from her trip from the Lost Cities for a second time, Amy mocks her for getting into trouble. After Sophie ran down from the stairs with her things, Amy asks her why she was trying to avoid her parents' two-month punishment. Right after, Amy was drugged with the rest of her family.

The elvin washers eventually took away Amy's memories of Sophie, and relocated her and her family into a large mansion. They provided them with money, security, and even a dog.

When Sophie got her hands on an illegal Spyball, she watched Amy and her parents from afar.

Book 5: Lodestar[]

At one point, members of the Neverseen broke into the Foster's mansion. Amy was working on homework with her father when they heard commotion downstairs. Amy crept down to find the Neverseen drugging her parents. When they planned on searching for nearby human thoughts, Amy managed to remain undetected by imagining emptiness and wind. She tried contacting the police, but they didn't take her seriously. She hid in the house for a couple days.

At the end of the book, Keefe suspected that the Neverseen intended to harm Sophie's birth parents. Sophie and her friends managed to enter their house, and stumbled across Amy, who had hidden herself in the closet.

Book 6: Nightfall[]

Amy reveals herself to Sophie and her friends after she suspected they could help her find her parents. After talking with Sophie, memories of her old life re-emerge, and Amy discovers the existence of elves. Before much could be explained to her, she was sedated and was light leaped to Quinlin Sonden's apartment in Atlantis.

Once waking up, Amy reunites with her sister Sophie, albeit uncertainly. She is taken to her new guardians, Livvy and Quinlin, and is given the explanation of what happened to her sister over the course of the years. Afterwards, Sophie promises Amy that she would hail her as much as possible, and that she would have a good time with her guardians.

Amy is constantly checked on by Sophie. She also began to enjoy the luxuries of the elvin world, and invented crazy dessert combinations. Additionally, she discovered many things Quinlin missed in his investigations.

Eventually, Amy is taken to Havenfield, where she meets Sophie's family and friends for the first time. She is introduced to the main house, and was even able to ride on Silveny.

At the end, Amy informs the elves that she wishes to have her memories erased. However, after she realizes that the mind-wiping would be permanent, she begged the Washers to let her keep her memories of Sophie and the elvin world, promising that she would keep it a secret. After bidding her sister farewell, Amy settles into her new life, this time watched more carefully by the Black Swan.

Book 8: Legacy[]

Amy agreed to undergo the process of recovering the experience the Black Swan had wiped from her mind. (The time when Sophie got allergic from limbium.)

Sophie meets her at the Foster's new residence, where they bond a bit before both of their memories are triggered. Amy, along with Sophie, fell asleep as their minds processed the washed memory. Due to being human, it took her longer to wake up, though she was perfectly fine, as stated by Mr. Forkle.

Amy expressed her guilt towards what happened, and comforted Sophie as well. Before she left, Amy warned Sophie to not accept Mr. Forkle's request to have her inflicting healed, saying it was too dangerous.


Emma Iris Foster is Amy's mother. Her name was changed to Kate Freeman when the Washers came to erase memories of Sophie. Amy is shown to love her, as she was very worried about her when she was kidnapped by the Neverseen.

William David Foster is Amy's father. His name was changed to Connor Freeman for the same reason as above. Amy is shown to love him, as she was extremely worried about him when he was kidnapped by the Neverseen.

Sophie is Amy's sister. Sophie lived with Amy until Fitz came to take her to the Elvin world. Sophie and Amy teased each other a lot during Sophie's 12 years in the human world. Sophie is known to have stolen and hidden Amy's karaoke machine while she was living in the human world. Their relationship has improved since Amy learned about the elvin world; Sophie is very protective of Amy and Amy is very loyal to her sister.

Quinlin was Amy's guardian during the time she stayed at the Lost Cities. Quinlin and Amy looked through papers together.

Livvy was Amy's other guardian during the time she was in the lost cities. Livvy liked Amy and gave her candy. Amy grew to trust Livvy in the time that she stayed with her and Quinlin.

Marty is a family cat and Watson is a dog that was given to the Freeman/Foster family (requested by Sophie) after the elves had erased and changed the identities of the Family. When taken to the Lost Cities, Amy begs the elves to let her take her two pets.

Mr. Forkle brought Sophie to see Amy in Legacy.


  • She has a stuffed rabbit named Bun-Bun.
  • The name "Amy" means "Beloved" in Latin.
  • Amy has an Imparter that can call Sophie - but is only allowed to use it in case of emergency.
  • She is able to understand the Enlightened Language because when Alden Vacker had the washers wipe the memories of the Freeman Family, he also engraved the Enlightened Language in their minds in case they need to talk to any Elves.
  • Amy wasn't supposed to be born because her mom, Emma Iris Foster was having fertility issues, and was unable to carry out a pregnancy. When Sophie was "given" to the Fosters, the Black Swan knowing that one day Sophie would go to the the Lost Cities, gave Emma secret Elvin fertility treatments so she could have a biological daughter. This resulted in Amy being born.
  • Amy seems well-read, referencing books such as Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, and The Chronicles of Narnia.


“Just because I don't have fancy powers doesn't mean I'm useless.”

—Amy, in Book 6 Nightfall

“And you keep... saving the world.”

—Amy, in Book 6: Nightfall

“They weren't friends. And they weren't actual sisters. They were just two different girls from two different world coming together to save two people”

—Narration, in Book 6: Nightfall

“I don't know how all of this is going to work out, but I'll be fighting for a happy ending too”

—Amy, in Book 6: Nightfall

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