Alluveterre was one of the Black Swan's secret hideouts. The name means "the sands of dawn" and was gifted to the Black Swan by the dwarven king.They view it as a testimony of the planet's power to re-create itself; above it is a barren wasteland of human pollution and destruction, but thanks to a little light and peace, something beautiful emerged.

The only way to get to Alluveterre is through a secret passageway that only Sophie, her friends, Della, and a few other Black Swan members know how to get to. It's far away from the human world, and Sophie and her friends don't know exactly where it is.

When Sophie and her friends are isolated from society for treasonous acts, they are forced to go to Alluveterre to conceal themselves from the furious Councillors. Alluveterre was basically Sophie and her friend's second home until the Councillors' released them from their banishment. Mr. Forkle and the rest of the Black Swan's Collective also visited frequently to communicate with Sophie and her friends. Tam and Linh lived in it for a while, but ended up being compromised when Keefe stole Tam's crystal and escaped to Alluveterre with an unconscious Alvar.

Known Residents Edit

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