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Alluveterre was one of the Black Swan's Secret Hideouts. The name means "the sands of dawn," and was gifted to the Black Swan by King Enki. The Black Swan views it as a testimony of the planet's ability to recreate itself; while directly above it is human pollution and destruction, in the safety of Alluveterre, there is life.

The only entry point to Alluveterre is a secret passageway, the location of which is known only by Sophie, Fitz, Biana, Dex, Keefe, Linh, Tam, Della, and a few other Black Swan Operatives. It has


Unlocked Description[]

Once a hideout for the Black Swan (and now abandoned because the Neverseen have a crystal that could give them access thanks to Keefe giving to them), Alluveterre is an enormous underground cavern that contains a lush forest, as well as a subterranean river. Two of the largest trees have been crowned with clever tree houses connected by an arched bridge, and winding wooden staircases wrap around the trunks to provide access. During Sophie's time residing in Alluveterre, she and her friends were separated in to groups, (Sophie, Biana, and Della in one tree house, and Keefe, Dex, and Fitz in the other.) When Tam and Linh lived there, they claimed a treehouse for themselves. The hideout was given to the Black Swan by the dwarven king - which is why the name comes from the dwarven language (meaning "the sands of dawn") - and the dwarves view Alluveterre as a testimony of our planet's power to recreate itself, since the land is above the desolation from human pollution and destruction, while below, a crack filtered the light in and allowed nature to thrive in peace.


While Sophie and her friends were banished for treasonous acts, they were forced to live in Alluveterre. They stayed in Alluveterre until The Council revoked their banishment sentence. While living there, Sophie and her friends frequently communicated with Mr. Forkle and the other members of The Collective. Tam and Linh lived in Alluveterre for a while, but were forced to live elsewhere after Alluveterre was compromised by Keefe.

Known Residents[]


“The dwarves view this place as a testimony of our planet's power to recreate itself. Above us is a barren wasteland of human pollution and destruction. But look what has surged to life in the safety below, thanks to a little light and a little peace.”

Mr. Forkle, in Book 4: Neverseen, page(s) 66, Google Books

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