Alchemy is a class at Foxfire Academy where prodigies learn to perform transmutations and make serums, elixirs, and similar substances.

There are complicated recipes, and it's easy to mess up or forget something, which is why Sophie performed so badly at it in her first year at Foxfire. Once, she thought WHAP (wash hands and present) was whip, and she stirred the mixture vigorously, causing a huge disaster known as The Great Cape Destruction. This disaster caused her to burn Lady Galvin's cape, to hurt her hand, and to meet Keefe (who was sitting at his "ditching spot") as she was going to see Elwin.

Known Mentors Edit

The Alchemy Room Edit

The wide, round alchemy room smells like burning hair. The walls are lined with curved shelves, half of which are filled with tiny pots of ingredients, and the other half of which are filled with gilded items. The center of the room holds two lab tables.

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