(What I changed was Oralie’s ability, since in the series of Keeper of the lost cities, we find out in “Everblaze” that Councillor Oralie is not only a living and breathing lie detector, but also a powerful conjurer. She conjures Mr. Forkle a...)
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[[Councillor Kenric]] (deceased) ([[Telepath]])
[[Councillor Kenric]] (deceased) ([[Telepath]])
[[Councillor Oralie]] ([[Empath]]) & (Conjurer)
[[Councillor Oralie]] ([[Empath]])
[[Councillor Terik]] ([[Descryer]])
[[Councillor Terik]] ([[Descryer]])
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[[Councillor Darek]]
[[Councillor Darek]]
[[Councillor Ramira]]
[[Councillor Ramira]]
[[Councillor Velia]]
[[Councillor Velia]]
[[Councillor Zarina]] ([[Fulgurkinesis/Astrakinesis|Charger]])
[[Councillor Zarina]] ([[Fulgurkinesis/Astrakinesis|Charger]])
=== Books: ===
=== Books: ===

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The elves once lived in harmony with the humans, but they are taught that humans wanted to rule the world instead of sharing it with all the intelligent species. Humans made disastrous weapons that they didn't know how to control, and the elves decided it would be best to sever connections with the humans completely. After the elves left, humans started making myths about them. Atlantis, unicorns, and pointy ears all came as the humans eventually started to forget about the elves, but the people who did remember the elves told these stories which became the myths.

There is a small Elvin group called the Black Swan. The Black Swan knew that the Elvin way was not working, and implemented change. They created Sophie Foster, a girl of both worlds. She had seen the flaws in the human world, but when she moved to the Lost Cities, she saw the flaws in the elf world, too. As she finds out more about herself and the Black Swan, she and her friends start to see that what they originally had seen as perfect was not perfect at all.
Sophie Foster Colour

Sophie Elizabeth Foster (Ruewen) is the only elf with brown eyes. She is protective of her friends and family. She has a bright blue elephant called Ella.

She showed compassion and felt the need to protect her family. This led to the events in the Keeper of the Lost Cities series. The elves live in a non-violent world which has changed ever since the rapid growth of the two rebellious groups called the Black Swan and Neverseen. From Sophie and many other elves' perspective, the Black Swan is good, the Neverseen is evil, and the Council is on a middle ground. When Sophie was twelve years old, she found out she was an elf.

(Main) Characters

Sophie Elizabeth Foster

Keefe Sencen

Fitzroy Avery Vacker

Dexter Alvin Dizznee

Biana Vacker

Tam Song

Linh Song

Marella Redek

Mr. Forkle



The Council is the ruling body of the Lost Cities. It is a group of elves that watch over the land. They make the laws, but they have a few rules they must follow: 

  1. Councillors may not marry or have a love interest. If they do, they must leave the position of being a Councillor or forget about the connection entirely. Example: Oralie and Kenric. 
  2. Councillors are not allowed to allow other elves into their houses without previous notice. Example: When Fitz and Sophie arrived at Oralie's office to tell her info about recent events.

List of Councillors Known:

Councillor Kenric (deceased) (Telepath)

Councillor Oralie (Empath)

Councillor Terik (Descryer)

Councillor Emery (Spokesman) (Telepath)

Councillor Liora (Conjurer)

Councillor Noland (Vociferator)

Councillor Clarette (Polyglot, but can speak to animals)

Councillor Alina (New) (Replacement of Kenric) (Previous Foxfire Head, Known as Dame Alina) (Beguiler)

Councillor Bronte (Inflictor)

Councillor Darek

Councillor Ramira

Councillor Velia

Councillor Zarina (Charger)


Keeper of the Lost Cities - Book One

Keeper of the Lost Cities: Exile - Book Two

Keeper of the Lost Cities: Everblaze - Book Three

Keeper of the Lost Cities: Neverseen - Book Four

Keeper of the Lost Cities: Lodestar - Book Five

Keeper of the Lost Cities: Nightfall - Book Six

Keeper of the Lost Cities: Flashback - Book Seven To be Released: November 6, 2018

Keeper of the Lost Cities: Unknown - Book Eight To be Released: Fall 2019

Keeper of the Lost Cities: Unknown - Book Nine To be Released: Fall 2020

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