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Ability Pins are used at Exillium to identify what each elf's ability is. This is done in order to determine what challenges will be easy or hard for that elf, as well as to ensure they aren't cheating. The pins shown were created by a fan artist.

Known Described Pins at Exillium[]

  • Empath: Red background with an open book and a silver heart painted across the pages.
  • Hydrokinetic: Swirling waves and drops of rain.
  • Inflictor: Black with a silver hand radiating jagged silver lines.
  • Polyglot: A purple background with pink lips and a white speech bubble.
  • Technopath: Dark green with a silver handprint covered in black lines that represent circuits and wires.
  • Shade: Silver with a black hand reaching from the center like it's trying to claw free.
  • Telepath: Blue with a silhouette of a face and a lightning bolt placed inside the brain.
  • Teleporter: A starry sky with a flying alicorn.
  • Vanisher: A black outline of half of a standing figure. Squiggly lines in all of the colors of the spectrum replace the other half of the figure, and a cloudy sky is the background.

Unknown Described Pins:[]