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Ability Detecting is a class at Foxfire, used to trigger unmanifested prodigies' abilities. Prodigies who have manifested a talent take special sessions in said talent, replacing their Ability Detecting sessions. This class is very unpopular because the methods of triggering abilities are unpleasant. Ability Detecting checks for all talents except pyrokinesis, which is forbidden.

If a Prodigy hasn't manifested[]

If a prodigy hasn't manifested by Level Four (the end of the manifestation window), they can be expelled for being Talentless. If they do stay, they will not qualify for the Elite Levels. This means they cannot be nobility and are considered talentless.

Ability Detecting outside of Foxfire[]

Sometimes Elvin parents also hire ability detecting tutors, as shown by Keefe when begging to help him manifest himself as an Conjurer. The main way to trigger an ability is to put students in places where they might need the ability.

An alternative is to send a powerful mental surge into someone's mind as Mr. Forkle did upon Marella's request, though this process is rather draining.

Known Ability Detecting Tests[]

Official Descriptions[]

  • All Foxfire prodigies who have not manifested a special ability are required to take this session on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. A group of mentors will test their senses and skills in a variety of ways to discover hidden talents and hopefully trigger an ability.[1]
  • A group session where Mentors test each prodigy’s senses in a variety of ways in the hope of triggering their special ability. All Foxfire prodigies who haven’t manifested are required to take this session on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons until they can be placed into their proper ability session. (Note: Pyrokinesis is not tested for—and Talentless prodigies remain in ability detecting until they complete the basic levels.)[2]