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Special Abilities are abilities that only those who manifest can do. Unlike skills, abilities are only available to those born with it and manifested. It is quite rare for elves to have more than one special ability, though there are multiple mentioned in the series. It has been notably mentioned that Polyglots are much more likely to have more than one ability than any other known one.
Keeper of the lost cities ability badges by blazetailx-db59ar6

Exillium Ability Pins - This is unofficial fanart and does not adhere exactly to all of the given descriptions. Some ability pins were composed by the artist.

List Of Known Talents/Abilities (and Known Manifesters)

  • Teleporter: An ability that only alicorns previously had, Teleporters are able to split a crack in the void and teleport wherever they want as long as they have a clear picture of it in their mind. However, Teleporters cannot teleport through solid barriers and must be flying or free-falling to use their abilities. (Known Manifesters: Sophie Foster, all Alicorns including their babies).
  • Vanisher: Have the power to disappear and reappear whenever they want. They can also blink in and out of sight. Some can let water pass through them or partially vanish. Biana and Alvar are the only ones that know how to hide from the glints of life that allow gnomes to see Vanishers. (Known Manifesters: Biana Vacker, Della Vacker, Alvar Vacker, and Wraith)

Known Elves with Multiple Talents

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