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Keeper of the lost cities ability badges by blazetailx-db59ar6

Exillium Ability Pins - This is unofficial fanart and does not adhere exactly to all of the given descriptions. Some ability pins were composed by the artist.

Special Abilities are extensions of the Elves' natural powers; they are only available to those Elves who have DNA with the necessary components and then manifest them.

It is quite rare for an elf to have more than one special ability, though there are a few of these mentioned in the series. Polyglots are more likely to have multiple abilities than any other manifesters.

Known AbilitiesEdit

There are currently 24 abilities that have been mentioned in the series. All of them are associated at least one character, although the character may be nameless. Keefe may get a completely new ability.

Name Description Manifesters
Beguilers Have an irresistibly soothing voice, and can usually use their talent to persuade people to do what they want and to calm animals. Councillor Alina
Chargers Can channel nearby electricity through their hands and the air to shock things. Councillor Zarina
Conjurers Can snap their fingers and make things they know the location of appear and disappear. Edaline Ruewen, Jolie Ruewen, Oralie
Descryers Can sense how much potential someone has for good and evil. Councillor Terik, the only (registered) one in the Elvin World
Empaths Can read people's emotions with (sometimes without) contact. Keefe Sencen, Councillor Oralie, Lord Cassius, Stina Heks, Vika Heks, and Vespera
Enhancers Can boost other elves' abilities with their fingertips. Sophie Foster
Flashers Can create spheres of light with different effects. Elwin, Orem Vacker, Cyrah Endal, Wylie Endal, Luzia Vacker, Glimmer
Fluctuators Can modify the density of something. The Neverseen's (either an ability or a gadget)
Frosters Can create and manipulate ice and snow. Juline Dizznee/Squall
Gusters Can manipulate the movement of air. Marella's dad
Hydrokinetics Can sense and control water. Linh Song
Inflictors Can inflict emotions (typically negative) and pain on others. Sophie, Councillor Bronte
Mesmers Can force others to do things with their minds. Grady Ruewen
Phasers Can break their bodies down to pass through solid objects. Blur, Lady Alexine, Jensi's brother
Polyglots Can speak and understand any language and are talented at mimicking. Sophie Foster, Lady Cadence, Councillor Clarette, Lady Gisela
Psionipaths Can create force fields. Ruy Ignis, Maruca
Pyrokinetics Can create and control fire. Brant, Fintan Pyren, Marella Redek
Shades Can control shadows and read shadowvapor. Tam Song, Umber, Lady Zillah
Technopaths Are talented at creating and tinkering with gadgets. Dex Dizznee, Lady Iskra, Tinker
Telepaths Can read minds and perform other mental skills. Sophie, Fitz, Tiergan/Granite, Mr. Forkle/Magnate Leto/Sir Astin, Alden, Councillor Emery, Councillor Kenric, Quinlin, Prentice, Damel, Gethen
Teleporters Are able to transport themselves and other to places they have a clear mental image of. Baby alicorns and Sophie, during the time of which they are learning to teleport, can teleport in a way sort of like blinking but thought the void. Sophie Foster, all alicorns
Vanishers Can turn themselves invisible from all creatures but gnomes. Biana Vacker, Della Vacker, Alvar Vacker, Wraith
Vociferators Can unleash horrible sounds that can trigger headaches. Councillor Noland

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