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Exillium Ability Pins - This is a piece of unofficial fanart and does not adhere exactly to all of the given descriptions. Some ability pins were composed by the artist.

Special Abilities are extensions of the elves' natural powers. They are only available to those Elves who have DNA with the necessary components and then manifest them. The abilities can be triggered any way. Sometimes its because of an accident, like Sophie and her telepathy. But there are still other ways, which is why they take ability detecting lessons.

It is quite rare for an elf to have more than one special ability, though there are a few of these mentioned in the series, Sophie and Lady Cadence among them. Polygots are more likely to have multiple abilities than any other elves.

Keefe Sencen may get more abilities in either Unlocked (8.5) or Book 9.

Known Abilities[edit | edit source]

There are currently 23 abilities that have been mentioned in the series. All of them are associated with at least one character, although the character may be nameless.

Name Description Known Manifesters
Beguilers Have an irresistibly soothing voice, and can usually use their talent to persuade people to do what they want and to calm animals. Councillor Alina
Chargers Can channel electricity through their hands and the air to shock things. Councillor Zarina
Conjurers Can change the location of objects with a snap of their fingers. They can also summon things from the void. Edaline Ruewen, Jolie Ruewen (deceased), Lady Cadence, Councillor Liora
Descryers Can sense how much potential someone has for light and dark. They can also sense someone’s potential for power. This is a rather rare ability with only one registered. Councillor Terik
Empaths Can read people's emotions with (or sometimes without) contact. Keefe Sencen, Councillor Oralie, Lord Cassius Sencen, Stina Heks, Vika Heks, Vespera
Enhancers They can boost elves abilities from their fingertips, and make the power in another elf stronger. Sophie Foster
Flashers Can create and control light with different effects. Elwin Heslege, Orem Vacker, Cyrah Endal (deceased), Wylie Endal, Luzia Vacker, Glimmer
Frosters Can create and manipulate ice and snow. Also called Cryokinetics. Juline Dizznee/Squall
Gusters Can manipulate the movement of air. Can also make tornados or hurricanes. Trix (Neverseen Agent), Marella's Dad, Councillor Velia
Hydrokinetics Can sense and control water. Linh Song
Inflictors Can inflict emotions (always negative, with the exception of Sophie Foster). Pain is the common emotion used by inflictors. Sophie Foster, Councillor Bronte
Mesmers Can physically control others to do desired things. But may become drained and unable to control several people at once, especially if the mesmerized person fights very hard. Grady Ruewen
Phasers Can break their bodies down into separate particles to pass through solid objects. Blur, Lady Alexine, Jensi's Brother, Councillor Derik
Polyglots Can speak and understand any language and are talented at mimicking. Also have a higher chance of having two abilities instead of just one. Sophie Foster, Lady Cadence, Councillor Clarette, Lady Gisela Sencen
Psionipaths Can create force fields and unravel them. Ruy Ignis, Maruca Chebota
Pyrokinetics Can create and control fire. Brant (deceased), Fintan Pyren, Marella Redek
Shades Can control shadows (sometimes Shadowflux) and read shadowvapor. This kind of ability is sometimes called Umbrakinesis. Gnomes cannot see Shades when they vanish, unlike Vanishers. Tam Song, Umber (deceased), Lady Zillah
Technopaths Are talented at creating and tinkering with gadgets. Dex Dizznee, Lady Iskra, Tinker
Telepaths Can read minds and perform other mental skills more astutely, because they have more mental power. Tiergan, Mr. Forkle, Alden Vacker, Sophie Foster, Fitz Vacker, Prentice Endal, Councillor Emery, Lady Pemberley, Gethen, Councillor Kenric (deceased), Damel Kafuta, Quinlin Sonden
Teleporters Are able to transport themselves and others to places they have a clear mental image of by falling from high places like cliffs or levitating then falling. Sophie Foster, Alicorns
Vanishers Can turn themselves invisible from all creatures but gnomes (some Vanishers know a trick to prevent gnomes from seeing them like Biana Vacker). Biana Vacker, Della Vacker, Alvar Vacker, Wraith, Councillor Ramira
Vociferators Can unleash horrible sounds that can trigger headaches; vocal manipulation. Councillor Noland

Known Elves with Multiple Talents

It is suggested that Lady Gisela may have a hidden ability she has yet to reveal since she is a Polyglot, which increases her chance of having another ability. Alvar teases this idea when talking with Sophie and Keefe in Legacy. As this is unconfirmed, she cannot be listed on the Known Elves with Multiple Talents.

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