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Exillium Ability Pins - This is a piece of unofficial fanart and does not adhere exactly to all of the given descriptions. Some ability pins were composed by the artist.

Abilities are extensions of the elves' natural powers. They are only available to those elves who have DNA with the necessary components and then manifest them. The abilities can be triggered any way. Sometimes it's because of an accident, like (Sophie and her telepathy- though that is uncomfirmed for now). But there are still other ways, which is why they take ability detecting lessons.

It is quite rare for an elf to have more than one special ability, though there are a few of these mentioned in the series, Sophie and Lady Cadence among them. Polyglots are more likely to have multiple abilities than any other elves. They can have more because the ability is not rellay a action more of somthing you do without trying. Keefe Sencen gets more abilities in Unlocked due to an experiment his mother, Lady Gisela, had concocted on him starting from conception.

All elves share the same language— and pay no heed to physical appearance or financial stature. And yet, division still exists in their world, between those with special abilities and those without. As a result, the Lost Cities can generally be broken down into three primary social groups: the nobility, the working class, and the the Talentless (though there are some elves who fall into none of these categories). The nobility is primarily composed of those with the most useful special abilities, the working class is primarily composed of those with the more "niche" abilities, and the Talentless are those without abilities. Of the three groups, only the Talentless face any social scorn or social restrictions, including what jobs are available to them and who they are matched with.

Known Abilities[]

There are currently 22 abilities that have been mentioned in the series. All of them are associated with at least one character, although the character may be nameless.

Name Description Known Manifesters
Beguilers An elf with the power of persuasion who can manipulate others by using the tone of their voice to affect someone's emotions (rather than affecting their actions, like Mesmers). In order to ensure the ability isn't abused, Beguilers have restrictions on when and how they can use their power. Councillor Alina
Chargers An elf who can sense and manipulate electricity (and electron particles), allowing them to create and control everything from static to bolts of lightning. Councillor Zarina
Conjurers An elf who can sense the threads connecting everything together and use them to pull objects through the void (though the ability only works if they already know where the item is). Conjurers can also hide things in the void to retrieve later, and help others place things there as well. Lady Edaline Ruewen, Jolie Ruewen (deceased), Lady/Master Cadence, Councillor Liora
Descryers An elf who can sense the "potential" inside of someone - though the person still has to live up to that potential in order for the reading to become accurate. Only one Descryer has ever been recorded, and he rarely uses the ability because his readings were causing contention. Councillor Terik
Empaths An elf who can sense the emotions of others through physical contact (though the strongest Empaths can sense emotions through the air). Translating what they're sensing can be challenging (since strong emotions often feel the same) and Empaths are at the risk of going numb if they don't focus on their training. They can also sense when someone is lying (but are terrible liars themselves). Keefe Sencen, Councillor Oralie, Lord Cassius Sencen, Stina Heks, Vika Heks, Vespera Folend, Silla Heks
Enhancers An elf who stores energy in the tips of their fingers, which can amplify the strength of someone else's ability. Enhancing happens automatically through touch, so Enhancers often wear gloves (or in some cases, special gadgets) to allow themselves some control over when and who they help - though it appears that special mental exercises may be effective in training the mind to switch the ability on and off. Sophie Foster
Flashers An elf who can sense and manipulate light - most often by gathering it into glowing orbs or beams of a single color on the visible spectrum. Uses for flashing range from entertainment to medicine to battle tactics. Elwin, Orem Vacker, Cyrah Endal (deceased), Lord Wylie Endal, Luzia Vacker, Glimmer, Councillor Clarette
Frosters An elf who can sense and gather particles of ice in the air and use them to freeze things, create snowfall, or form any shapes they desire. They can also cover themselves with ice as a disguise. Juline Dizznee/Squall, Lex Dizznee
Gusters An elf who can sense and manipulate wind, creating everything from breezes to storms. The ability is elemental, and the wind is always calling - which tends to make Gusters more powerful than other elves (and, at times, slightly unstable). Trix (Neverseen Agent), Durand Redek, Councillor Velia
Hydrokinetics An elf who can sense the presence of water (whether it's invisible particles in the air, or a nearby lake or ocean) and manipulate the water in any way they choose (lifting rivers, draining pools, making it rain - or drying something off - or even bending it into shapes or forming tidal waves). Like other elemental abilities, the pull of water is relentless, so without training (and constant vigilance), Hydrokinetics can cause floods. Linh Song
Inflictors An elf who can gather their emotions into tangible mental energy and launch the force at others. In the case of negative emotions, the ability can cause tremendous pain and even incapacitate someone. And in the (rare) instance when positive emotions are inflicted, the ability can heal a broken mind. As a result, Inflictors are closely monitored by the Council. Sophie Foster, Councillor Bronte
Mesmers An elf who can sense someone's will and manipulate it, putting them into a kind of trance and controlling their actions and behavior. Someone being mesmerized remains conscious but can rarely resist the Mesmer's command, which is why those with the ability are often mistrusted (and are closely watched by the Council). Lord Grady Ruewen
Phasers An elf who can sense the bond between their cells and temporarily break it down, allowing them to slip through solid barriers like walls, doors - anything they want. Some can even delay re-forming, allowing them to hide their identity from others. Blur, Lady Alexine, Fernan Babblos, Councillor Darek, Bex Dizznee
Polyglots An elf who instinctively speaks any and all languages, including those of the other intelligent species (and human dialects). In rare cases, the ability even allows them to communicate with animals. Polyglots' accents are flawless, and with practice, they're able to perfectly mimic the vocal tones and inflections of others on a level far beyond a convincing impression. Polyglots also often (but not always) have more than one special ability. Sophie Foster, Lady Cadence, Councillor Clarette, Lady Gisela Sencen, Keefe Sencen
Psionipaths An elf who can sense and manipulate energy, shaping it into charged force fields around themselves and others. Psionipaths are often unstable - and can seem unstoppable in battle situations (though their force fields can be broken down by Flashers and Shades). Ruy Ignis, Maruca Chebota
Pyrokinetics An elf who can sense and control the heat in the air and use it to spark anything from a tongue of flame to a raging inferno. Like with the other elemental abilities, a Pyrokinetic's hunger for fire can be insatiable, and that craving eventually led one of them to call down Everblaze, When he attempted to teach others, the lesson tragically resulted in five deaths (which is what caused the Council to ban pyrokinesis). Since the ability is now illegal, Pyrokinetics are forced to live as Talentless. Brant (deceased), Fintan Pyren, Marella Redek
Shades An elf with the ability to sense and control darkness, either by focusing on shadowvapor, or (in the case of the strongest Shades) by focusing on shadowflux. Shades can also use their shadow to carry their voice into someone's mind (shadow-whsipering) and can read a person's potential for darkness. Given the focus on light in the Lost Cities, Shades are often mistrusted and ill-spoken of. Tam Song, Umber (deceased), Lady Zillah
Technopaths An elf who can communicate with technology through its inherent "language", and can use that knowledge to create new inventions or manipulate gadgets to their will. Dex Dizznee, Lady Iskra, Tinker
Telepaths An elf who can sense the thoughts of others and shield their own mind. Telepaths have a code of rules to follow (to prevent them from abusing their power) and are extremely important to the Council, serving as Keepers, Washers, and Probes. If they find another Telepath they trust, they can even become Cognates (which gives the pair a greater level of power). Tiergan, Mr. Forkle, Lord Alden Vacker, Sophie Foster, Fitz Vacker, Prentice Endal, Councillor Emery, Lady Pemberley, Gethen Ondsinn, Councillor Kenric (deceased), Damel Kafuta, Quinlin Sonden
Teleporters An elf or alicorn who can use momentum to build a unique type of energy that can create a crack in the void for them to skip through. Once inside the void, they can travel to any location they desire (so long as it's not underground). All alicorns are Teleporters, but only one elf (Sophie) has manifested this ability, because her DNA was based off of alicorn DNA. Sophie Foster, Silveny, Greyfell, Wynn, Luna
Vanishers An elf who can sense the light making contact with their skin (or clothing) and allow it to pass through their cells (instead of bouncing off), rendering themselves invisible - even when they're moving (though the length and quality of their vanish depend on their training). Lady Biana Vacker, Della Vacker, Alvar Vacker, Wraith, Councillor Ramira
Vociferators An elf who can manipulate the volume of their voice to an extreme degree, making earsplitting screams that force everyone to pay attention to them and can even be incapacitating. Councillor Noland

Known Elves with Multiple Talents[]

It is suggested that Lady Gisela may have a hidden ability she has yet to reveal, since she is a Polyglot, which increases her chance of having another ability. Alvar teases this idea when talking with Sophie and Keefe in Legacy. As this is unconfirmed, she cannot be listed on the section titled Known Elves with Multiple Talents.