At the beginning of Neverseen, Councillor Oralie gives Sophie a cache from Kenric - something that holds the darkest secrets of the Council that they want to forget and keep stored away.

Later, Edaline comes to visit the Black Swan and helps Sophie hide the cache in the void so only Sophie can access it by saying specific words (221B Baker Street) with her voice. Sophie chooses this because when she moved up to the "older kids' school" when she lived in the Forbidden Cities, her parents gave her this code phrase when she wanted to get picked up but didn't want the other kids to know she had called her parents. Her human father was a Sherlock Holmes fan, so he had chosen those words because she will never forget the words or accidentally use them in daily conversation.

During a Cognate exercise with Fitz, he accidentally says the code aloud, leading him to know that that is one of the ways to receive the Cache. When he was worried he might have messed things up, Sophie assures him that it only works with her voice.

At the end of Neverseen, Keefe mimics her voice when saying the code to give the cache to the Neverseen. He later explains that he knew this code because he heard her Cognate exercises with Fitz. Keefe is not a Polyglot, but his mother is, and he learned to perfect his mimicking from her.

She also uses this code in Nightfall to retrieve the vial of Candesia light Mr. Forkle gave to her from the void.

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